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  • Free calls to UK landline numbers across all plans (01,02)
  • Free voicemail with multiple delivery options
  • Rolling 30 day agreements available
  • Monthly subscriptions starting from £5.99 ex VAT per month
  •  Manage your systems from pc, mobile or tablet
  •  Flexible call routing
  •  Call recording options available
  •  Reduced costs compared to traditional analogue and ISDN line rentals
  • Support remote & flexible working
  •  Free music on hold
  •  Call hold, Call transfer, Call forwarding provided as standard

What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is simply an internet (or sometimes called cloud) based phone system where voice calls are transmitted as data over stable broadband lines instead of via traditional and expensive phone lines.

A KAT award winning VoIP System is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With plug and play features that can be added or removed at any time. The KAT VoIP phone system provides a secure reliable voice connection combined with a range of high end business features such as , on hold messages, stop start call recording, call reporting , call divert, presence management and time of day routing of calls.

What makes our system work for our clients is how individual it is. We do not offer off the shelf solutions. Our VoIP phone systems are as individual as your business. We work with our customers in the design of the system and get their input, almost as if they are building the system themselves!

At KAT we chose our partners carefully based on the service they provide. We dont pretend our VoIP platform is our own, we don’t need to. Our suppliers are leaders in their field with a 99.99% uptime of service in the last 12 months and a 2 hour fix time on non service affecting faults. Maybe this is why we have recently won an award for our VoIP offering.

Still unsure of VoIP is right for you? Ask about our FREE VoIP trial !

VoIP on your Smartphone

Should you not want to use a deskphone or you want to use your landline number on the go then use our VoIP based phone systems on your smartphone and make and receive calls on your landline number on your mobile. Phone systems features supported include extension dialling, 3 way conference calling, and call transfer. Service charges as low as £7.99 ex VAT per month including calls to 01, 02 and UK mobile numbers. Please note we now have the ability to offer call recording via our softphone app.

Enhanced versions of our softphone app are now available and includes virtual meeting rooms, instant messaging and screen sharing.

VoIP on your Desktop

Our desktop client sits on your PC, laptop or MAC and acts as a softphone. You can use your existing PC or MAC to make and receive calls using either via a headset or the computers speaker and microphone. Low set up costs compared to investing in handsets and service charges as low as £7.99 ex VAT per month including calls to 01, 02 and UK mobiles. Call recording available at no extra charge.

CRM, Skype for Business and Outlook Integration

We can help you bridge the gap between your phone system and your company data. Our unified communications applications are cost effective and easy to install and maintain. The solution is available as 2 license types tailored to offer the maximum return for all users whether that be integrating your phone system with your email client or your company CRM platform or database.

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