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Welcome to the Connected World.

By 2020 it is predicted there will be more connected ‘things’ in the world than mobile phones. That will be in excess of 16 billion devices. So what are these ‘things’? These are objects or devices connecting over the internet, letting them talk to each other, talk to their owners or talk to applications.

Depending on the object or device they can capture data such as temperature, movement or speed. This can be transmitted through wireless or through a SIM card fitted in the device. In reply, messages can be sent back to the ‘things’ to change the way it is working for example cooling a server down.

Where its most popular currently is in the house, with home heating and energy use such as Hive and Nest and with smart meters.

Through our approved partners KAT enable device and application developers to connect to the Internet of things regardless of network provider or technology through our range of SIM cards.

KAT can help transform your business by empowering devices to operate anywhere in the world. KAT can enable businesses to drive operational efficiency and improve customer experiences and also collaborate to create smart homes and smart cities and improve the wellbeing and safety of its people

  • GPRS / 3G / 4G /Satellite technologies available
  • Unsteered sims as standard
  • Free Connection
  • Short term agreements available
  • Static IP addresses available
  • Free SIM management portal
  • Bespoke rules for data usage.

IoT turns objects into intelligent assets

This technology has been used for years in vehicle and asset tracking. However more recently it is being used for in vehicle WiFI solutions, remote assistance and telematics usage based solutions.

With the Brexit and global competition finding new ways of keeping costs down has never been important. Sim cards can be used to track asset, remotely monitor devices such as vending machines to fleet management and environmental tracking.

Devices can now be connected to the Internet of Things to deliver information, monitor movement and ensure people are safe in their homes. Sensors can be now be in beds to detect movement and even tablet dispensers to ensure people are taking the right medication. And then there are products like the 3rings plug #katcares

From street lights with sim cards sending messages when the blub has blown, to monitoring waste bin levels for emptying purposes and connected traffic lights that monitor traffic flow a KAT SIM card can help provide the connectivity to make things run more efficiently.

Plug in, Turn On and Connect with 3rings Plug

In world that’s moving faster and faster and there is no doubt that the ‘Internet of Things’ and the SIM cards that provide connection can help us on work more efficiently. However these SIM’s are not just about working more efficiently they also have other benefits too. We found one device that works with a SIM that promotes independent living as well. In fact we loved the product so much we now sell it!

We’re all feeling connected thanks to advancements in technology, but what about you’re ageing loved one.  Do you worry whist you’re in meeting after meeting, or trying to juggle work and family life that they’re OK?

How would you feel if technology, could give you insider knowledge that mum or dad is up and about by simply letting you know every time they make a brew?  Because when you have eyes inside the home even for something as simple as the kettle going on it gives peace of mind to the whole family.

3rings is a smart plug designed to reduce the worry that families have on a daily basis. Simply plug an appliance your loved one uses regularly, like the kettle or TV into your 3rings plug and let 3rings know when you want them to check that they’re OK.

Just think if you can’t reach your love one, you can simply grab your phone and quickly check when they last had a brew.  Comforting isn’t it?

You can even set flexible rules which suit you’re loved ones’ lives.  So the whole family can be alerted if there’s a problem within a matter of hours. 

Giving peace of mind to the whole family, and at the same time helps your loved ones stay independent and in their own home.  To buy the 3rings plug and enter discount code katcares and KAT will donate £5 for every plug sold to the Pride of the Isle Charity.

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